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We are a group of young adults who are dedicating our lives to the purpose God has given us; to know Jesus and to make Him known. One of our passions is to share God's given identities and throw away any labels the world has placed on us. Because of what He has done within us, we feel called to share God's goodness, glory, redemption, forgiveness and grace. We believe that by sharing ours and others testimonies you will have a new perspective and focus on who you are meant to be.  You are not alone in this world. God turned our tests into testimonies, our pain into purpose and he turned our mess into this message. He takes the broken and makes us beautiful. He turns the ashes to beauty. God always shows you His goodness, grace, mercy, faithfulness, love and strength during trials. Even if we cannot fully see or understand, our hope and faith is in Him. Isaiah 40:31


In order to pull this off we need funding. We have to raise money to cover flights, gas, equipment and space to host these gatherings. The more money we raise the more stops on the tour we can have. 

We Need Your Support

We Need Your Support

In order to pull this off we need funding. We have to raise money to cover flights, gas, equipment and space to host these gatherings. The more money we raise the more stops on the tour we can have. 


Right before Jesus ascended into Heaven, He left us with a command that’s found in Matthew 28:19 – “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Our first priority is found in Jesus’ last words. We want to make Him known. We want to make Him famous. In order to make disciples of Jesus then we must first clearly communicate and show who Jesus is. We want to inspire people to follow Jesus instead of following paths laid out by this world. Paths directed by this world are dressed up to look incredible, but all result in the same thing - hopelessness. In today’s society many seek validation through social media, earthly rewards and fame. So many people lose their identity in this painful process. We forget that we’re accepted by God because we’re so busy wanting approval from others. Placing importance and identity in something other than your Creator will never fill the void in your life. You are longing and searching for a temporary solution and feelings that come and go. When we stop focusing on ourselves and the fame of the world and focus on making HIM famous, he will give us all that we need and everything we have been searching for.

    The I Am More Movement is focused on this thought - I am nothing without God, so with Him I am MORE. I am more than my circumstances. I am more than a product of my past. I am more than what my mind tells me I am. We want to encourage a generational change by allowing our lives to be transparent for others to see they are not alone. We want to empower others to find and embrace who they are in Christ so they can let go of any “God-limiting“ lies the enemy has them trapped in believing. No longer should we place limits on a limitless God. For us, The I Am More Movement is showing others a roadmap to navigate from trauma to freedom, from pain to peace, from uncertainty to action, from confusion to clarity, from envy to celebration - all by finding and accepting the identity that God Himself has given you. He made each of us in His image and has given us all a purpose to live out. God makes no mistakes! There is hope for your future and we can encourage you to keep moving forward in this journey called life.

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